The Junction

The Junction is based in the shared site of the Kingsfield Centre in Stowmarket, where we occupy two floors in one ‘wing’. We have our own secure entrance, where members are greeted at the door.

We have a large number of small rooms which are specifically set out for a variety of different activities and conversation rooms which offer flexible use. In addition, we have a home skills room, work skills room and a secure outdoor area for horticulture. All our rooms are suitable for group work of up to three members, and two spaces are ideal to accommodate larger groups when required.

We have access to larger group areas in the main Kingsfield Centre should we require it. We have a people carrier that members can use to enjoy some community facilities when walking or public transport is not appropriate.

Important Information

Our Locations undergo a series of checks and tests by Ofsted to make sure that we always keep up with ever involving regulations and safety procedures. See below our most recent results from these tests.

Looking for Child Services?

At Seesaw, we have a vast amount of experience and expertise in providing activities and care for individuals with learning disabilities, particularly to those who have complex support needs and require a bespoke and specialist support.


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