Greenacres, located near Sudbury, has been purpose built with specialist equipment to aid with moving and handling, and personal care, creating an inclusive environment for all who come to use the facilities

At Greenacres we offer both day opportunities and overnight short breaks.

There are three bedrooms downstairs with specialist equipment and two large upstairs bedrooms to support groups and families who wish to stay.

The site is perfect for both day and overnight users with many activities taking place during the day for both residents and non-residents to take part in. There is also an established cafe on site that's open to the general public enabling individuals with learning disabilities to access a shared community resource.,

Important Information

Our Locations undergo a series of checks and tests by CQC to make sure that we always keep up with ever involving regulations and safety procedures. See below our most recent results from these tests.

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At Seesaw, we have a vast amount of experience and expertise in providing activities and care for individuals with learning disabilities, particularly to those who have complex support needs and require a bespoke and specialist support.


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