What We Do

WeCan is a provision of Achieving Aspirations CIC that provides a range of diverse and engaging activities to help adults and young adults achieve their aspirations.

We host different types of activities regularly throughout the year, and have been working closely with a range of partners to develop an assortment of activities. At WeCan, we have a vast amount of experience and expertise in providing activities and care for individuals with learning disabilities, particularly to those who have complex support needs and require a bespoke and specialist support.

Members are offered bespoke timetables to meet their needs and aspirations. We aim to support members to develop their communication and social skills, and increase independence and confidence to prepare them for their future.

Daily activities include group sessions for those who want to join in the fun, such as art projects, science experiments, group interaction sessions, gardening club, exercise and dance clubs and sensory experiences. Individual activities include accessing the local community, shopping, cooking, visiting places of interest and building both personal and interpersonal skills.

In Your Words

Our team effort and morale has enabled us to help many families and individuals in the past. We are proud and love the work we do and your feedback motivates us to do even more!

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If have any questions about our Achieving Aspirations or are interested in our services please get in touch. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank You

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